There are thousands of people looking for a couple in our database

There are thousands of people looking for a couple in our database. You can be sure that these people, unlike many of those whom you meet on dating sites, are real, not married, have serious intentions. We offer you to look at the profiles from our photobank.
Please note that this is just a small part of our ladies. We have a large inner database. You can be sure that you will find someone who fits your taste.
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How to survive a divorce

The reasons for divorce can be different.
Some people live with toxic partners, and then the dissolution of marriage is perceived as relief. But a good relationship can also end in divorce. And these are the most difficult cases. But despite the fact that this is a hard period of time, it can and must be overcome. Try to follow a few tips and, perhaps, you can quickly come to your senses and be able to become happy again.
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How to survive the divorce. Continuation.

The first time after the divorce can be scary. It seems that the world has collapsed. At such moments, think that you are not alone and millions of people have gone through the same thing. Divorce is not a tragedy of a global scale. The most important thing is not to lose faith in your happy future and realize that you have a chance for a new, happier life.
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What to give as a gift on March 8th? Tips for men

International Women’s Day, which is celebrated on March 8th, is a special day for all Russian women.
It is an official public holiday. People give flowers, postcards, candy and other nice gifts to their mothers, wives, grandmothers, sisters and daughters. If you have not yet chosen a gift for March 8th, this article will help you make the right choice and please your beloved.

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Signs and superstitions about gifts

Since many Russian people are superstitious enough, one must be cautious about choosing a gift. There are many signs and superstitions associated with the delivery of gifts. It is believed that not every gift will bring a person joy, and some gifts can badly affect his life later. I think it's important to know when you go on a date with a Russian lady. Today we will talk about flowers since Russian women love them very much!

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Common mistakes on a date with a Russian girl

The first date is not only an exciting event, but also a big stress for many people.Unfortunately, not everyone can make the right impression. It often happens that even people, who could be a good match, don’t realize that in time and lose their chances. To succeed on the first date, you not only have to do certain things correctly, but also to avoid common mistakes.

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About loneliness

In different periods of our life we
love and hate loneliness.
People work hard, study, build a career and do not leave room for personal life. It seems to them that life will wait and organize a fateful meeting later, when it will be convenient for them. “But life waits for no one”. And it turns out that when the right time comes, then “the right person” is not in a hurry…
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