How to survive the divorce. Continuation.

The first time after the divorce can be scary. It seems that the world has collapsed. At such moments, think that you are not alone and millions of people have gone through the same thing. Divorce is not a tragedy of a global scale. The most important thing is not to lose faith in your happy future and realize that you have a chance for a new, happier life.

Do not immediately rush and look for a new partner. Give it time. You are not yet ready for a new relationship and can hurt someone. If new relationship does not work out, you can fall into an even greater melancholy and it will only complicate things. Take care of yourself and try to survive this period with minimal emotional loss.

Instead of "fighting fire with fire” you’d better try to change something in your life. Find an exciting hobby that will really make you happy. Buy a subscription to the fitness club. Many activities such as yoga and swimming perfectly soothe, relax and bring in a good shape. Life goes on, so take care of yourself, set high goals and go forward to meet your dreams and desires.