Common mistakes on a date with a Russian girl

The first date is not only an exciting event, but also a big stress for many people.
Unfortunately, not everyone can make the right impression. It often happens that even people, who could be a good match, don’t realize that in time and lose their chances. To succeed on the first date, you not only have to do certain things correctly, but also to avoid common mistakes.

Mistake #1. Lack of good manners.

Russian girls are used to the fact that they are courted. They expect that you hold the doors for her, help her to take her coat off, get out of a car and offer her arm during walking. Lack of good manners reduces your chances of making good impression to zero, even if you avoid the other mistakes. You have to be a true gentleman, if you want to win the heart of a Russian lady.

Mistake # 2. Talk too much.
 One of the typical mistakes is to talkabout yourself too much. To really interest a girl, it is better to show interest in her, and not engage in self-promotion. You can ask questions, but do it carefully, without pressure. Girls often complain that men behave too aggressively and turn romantic intercourse into interviews. This is a common mistake of men.

Mistake # 3. Negative.

Some menat the first meeting begin to talk about their former partners, their illnesses and other problems. This is not a good idea. Please do not confuse a woman with a psychotherapist. Men who do not speak badly of their exes and do not complain about life always call respect.

Mistake # 4. Greed.
A woman perceives stinginess as a lack of interest in her. A man has to show that he is ready for certain expenses. A cup of coffee wouldnot bankrupt anyone. Also, do not forget about the tip. The girl will notice if the man does not leave a good tip to the waitress and draw conclusions. If the meeting lasted until late in the evening, it is worth calling a taxi for the girl. So you will show that you care about her safety.

Mistake # 5. Untidiness.
Some men are very demanding to the look of a girl, but they forget to take care of their own appearance. A girl expects to see a man at least in ironed clothes, with clean nails and fresh look. Also girls often pay attention to the shoes of a man and their condition. Remember the folk wisdom: "As a man cares about his shoes, in the same way he treats his woman."